Finally! (Embracing Myself) a Memoir

Once Upon a Current Lifetime,

I lived, dwelled and wandered (mostly strolled) in a somewhat catastrophically manner. Realizing I was, after all only running away from Me, Myself and I.

This was before I FINALLY (Embraced Myself) and accepted and/or remembered; WHOM I TRULY WAS, WHO I TRULY AM and WHOM I TRULY CAN and WILL BECOME.

On THIS Current Journey, In THIS Current Lifetime and having reached THIS Stage of Maturity (54 years of age), the former feelings of Non-Acceptance from Others, Full Confusion, Self-doubt, Self-loathing, lowered Self-Esteem, People Pleasing, allowing Others to Guide and Direct how I Live, My Lifestyle, Religious or Non-Religious Choices, Loving Everyone Else (Without Loving Myself FIRST), No Longer Pertains to Me…


10 thoughts on “Finally! (Embracing Myself) a Memoir

  1. I love this thank you for your transparency and vulnerability. I can appreciate this growth you have empowered and inspired me thank you! β™₯️πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸŒŸ


  2. Great Read! Welcome to the world of self love and not lingering in self loathe. For the opinion of others about self(you) is none of your concern or should ever change the positive loving outlook you have of you! What they think do matter and a thought about you will never evolve you or make you money. LoL so leave it off and back in your old, but new found you! Love it!

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